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  • A Tale of Two Colors. Why Was the Devil Colored in Black and not in Red in Medieval Manuscripts?
    Red devils, they are so popular now that they dictate the features of fictional characters when they’re supposed to be threatening, dangerous and evil. Before the 16th century and prior to the Reformation, however, the color red was the noblest of all, second only to gold—and white, maybe. Red is the color of blood and … Read more
  • Luring (and Laming) Wild Boars
    Age of Empires 2 is a Real Time Strategy game that works on a very simple principle: the more ressources you have, the more military you can produce. You just can't ignore the free food boars represent. You need it. How to get it, however, is another matter… for which I'm fully prepared to go … Read more
  • A Cold Case of Counterfeit History: Joan of Arc, the Secret Royal Princess.
    Buckle up, girls and boys. We’re about to dive into counterfeit history. When historians don’t find authentic documents to prove their hypotheses, what do they do? The honest ones acknowledge their ignorance. There’s nothing glamour about it. That’s why the others fabricate the documents they need to prove their point—when they even bother to fabricate … Read more
  • HRE vs. France: Political Structures, Emperors & Kings
    How were the Holy Roman Empire and Middle Ages France different in term of political structure? What led to those differences?
  • Medieval Memes #5
    A fresh new badge of medieval memes!
  • How Joan of Arc Died
    The AskHistorians Subreddit invited me to pitch in on their latest Tuesday Trivia event. This week theme was FIRE. If you know me you guess by then what I decided to talk about. Again. Joan of Arc.
  • What Should Be Tarantino’s Next And Last Movie?
    Have you seen Inglourious Bastards, Django Unchained and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood or did you live under a rock for the past few years? Well, if you’ve seen those movies, you’d understand that Tarantino is not a big fan of how History actually played out and that he’s got a lot to say … Read more
  • Medieval Gender Roles: Boys & War
    We cringe today when we see young boys playing with make-believe fire-weapons in kaki suits right in the middle of the school yard. However, boys and young men were more than heavily encouraged to play with weapons in the Middle Ages
  • Medieval Memes #4
    What happens when I look for a very particular manuscript on Gallica? I end up on the KBR website and fall upon the most memeable German manuscript of Tristan & Iseult.
  • Age of Memes
    New collection of Medieval Memes: Age of Empires 2 Edition
  • Medieval Memes #3
    New collection of Medieval Memes
  • Summer Readings on AoE2 Heroes
    Has AoE2 awaken your thirst for History? Here's your must-read list!
  • 'The Maid of Orléans' – Walkthrough & Commentary
    First things first: the Duke of Alençon has nothing to do in this scenario. He only comes up in Joan’s saga much later, notably during the siege of Paris. The real historical character who supervised the military operations on the French side was the bastard of Orléans, Jean Dunois.
  • "La Pucelle d'Orléans" – Soluce et commentaire
    Tout d’abord, le Duc d’Alençon n’a rien à faire dans ce scénario. Il n’intervient que plus tard dans la saga de Jeanne d’Arc, notamment au siège de Paris. Le véritable personnage historique ayant supervisé les opérations militaires du côté français, lors du siège d’Orléans, était Jean Dunois, le bâtard d’Orléans.
  • Joan of Arc in AoE2: Quick Words
    Oh, and by the way, Joan could ride a horse! She wore a red dress when she arrived in Vaucouleurs and was given men’s clothes to go on her journey at the request of Jean de Metz.
  • Rated R Military Tactic
    What follows is rated R. So hide your kids, you will not find this on Wikipidia.
  • Faltonia Betitia Proba
    The following post found on St Andrews blog briefly introduces you to one of the most fascinating writer of the late Antiquity: Faltonia Betitia Proba.
  • Naples Adventures
    I felt safer than I would have wanted. You don't take a cab in Naples and don't expect to die!
  • The Devil’s Ten Commandments
    1. Here is my first Commandment: swear upon God’s name as often as you can.
  • Relic Snagging: AoE2 vs. History
    According to some dubious record in a 12th century chronicle, Boleslav managed to give Prague its own bishopric thanks to the good influence of his daughter, Mlada-Maria, as soon as 967.
  • Short History of the Early Christian Dukes of Bohemia
    St Václav, better known as St Wenceslaus West of the Rhine, became the spiritual patron of Bohemia. All Bohemian Dukes and Kings had to worship him dutifully to secure their dynastic propaganda of power.
  • Why you should NEVER trust your government when it comes to Medieval History—I’m looking at you, Czech Republic!
    Now, wait a minute. Who told you any government was trustworthy when it comes to sharing historical information? Have you not read 1984?
  • The Game of the Blind and the Pig
    You’re a nice and kind person, are you not? I mean, not to everybody, of course, you’d kill your noisy neighbour in a heartbeat like anybody else, but let’s say you see a blind person in the street trying to board on a bus by himself. You’ll help him—right?
  • Blood or Alcohol? What is it that turns a man into a werewolf? ~ Werewolves of the Baltic Sea
    If someone skilled in sorcery, repeating certain words, offers a beaker of ale to drink to the one who desires to be enrolled in that band of accursed beings, the latter will achieve the means of changing shape.
  • AoE2 Historical match up! Longbowmen vs Genoese Crossbowmen
    At the Battle of Crécy, in 1346, the Genoese Crossbowmen placed at the vanguard of the French army got totally wrecked by the English Longbowmen.
Paris, BnF, MS fr. 2643, f. 18r