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“We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants.” ― John of Salisbury, Metalogicon

Brussels, KBR, ms. 9542, f. 2r

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Captatio Benevolentia

Dear Reader…

This is my love letter to you.

You’ve found your way on the World Wide Web to my precious little blog. I will be honest with you. I was judged unfit to fullfil my PhD in Medieval Literature and that is why I’m hiding my real name under the alias ‘Asinus Docet”.

Nevertheless, I acquired a my Master’s Degree in Medieval History in the outmost honest and straighforward fashion. I was not the best of my promotion, but I achieved a Magna cum laude nonetheless. Nothing can take it away from me. Sure, it isn’t much… yet it is enough for me to be ascertain myself as a true and sound medievalist.

I turned myself away from academic writing. I try to have fun when I write. Therefore I’m not always the most serious historian. I turn illuminations into memes. I narrate fun facts to the sole purpose to amuse you. I rarely delve in depth into any matter, though it happens sometimes. I also spend some days answering question about the Middle Ages on Reddit.

English is not my native language, so you’ll find grammatical mistakes in my writing. Don’t hesitate to share them to me so that I can correct my texts as fast as possible. I do also write in French, sometimes.

My passion for Medieval History was aggravated by movies, books and video games. I do not turn my gaze away from the pop-culture. I like to tackle it down. Read my blog, and you’ll know more.

Thank you for stopping by, most sincerely. Don’t hesitate to leave a like, to drop a comment, or to share anything that you liked here on social media. Spread the Love.

Best regards,