Some people keep track of their feelings. I keep track of my readings. I created this blog to log my thoughts and reactions to historically related online and offline materials such as books, blogposts, podcasts, movies, TV-series, video-games and whatnot.

On my free time, I also enjoy coming up with unsuccessful and cringy medieval memes.

As a beginning novelist I believe history to be a never-ending mine of stories to draw from; the most potent source of imagination given to mankind.

My favourite historical periods are always eras of social chaos and institutional anarchy: the Second Punic War, the ill-named Hundred Years’ War, the golden age of Carribean piracy and the taming of the Wild West. I’d die happy if I could fill my novels with legionaries, knights, pirats and cow-boys.

If you’re in search of inspiration for you next novel of if you simply enjoy historical tidbits, then this blog is dedicated to you. Since I’m also in the process of becoming a history teacher, you may find useful information or material related to the teaching of history to teenagers and young adults.

This blog is written in two languages, English (my second language) and French (my native language). You mostly won’t find the same pages or blogposts in both languages since I use one or the other according to my intended readership. However, some blogposts are written both in English and in French. If you find anything interesting in one language and not the other, don’t hesitate to comment on my blogposts and request a translation.

Now, what do you want to do?