Some people keep track of their feelings. I keep track of my readings. I created this blog to log my thoughts and reactions to historically related online and offline materials such as books, blogposts, podcasts, movies, TV-series, video-games and whatnot.

On my free time, I also enjoy coming up with unsuccessful and cringy medieval memes.

As a beginning novelist I believe history to be a never-ending mine of stories to draw from; the most potent source of imagination given to mankind.

My favourite historical periods are always eras of social chaos and institutional anarchy: the Second Punic War, the ill-named Hundred Years’ War, the golden age of Carribean piracy and the taming of the Wild West. I’d die happy if I could fill my novels with legionaries, knights, pirats and cow-boys.

If you’re in search of inspiration for you next novel of if you simply enjoy historical tidbits, then this blog is dedicated to you. Since I’m also in the process of becoming a history teacher, you may find useful information or material related to the teaching of history to teenagers and young adults.

This blog is written in two languages, English (my second language) and French (my native language). You mostly won’t find the same pages or blogposts in both languages since I use one or the other according to my intended readership. However, some blogposts are written both in English and in French. If you find anything interesting in one language and not the other, don’t hesitate to comment on my blogposts and request a translation.

Now, what do you want to do?

D’aucuns registrent leur émotions. J’enregistre mes lectures. J’ai créé ce blog afin d’écrire sous forme de journal électronique mes pensées et mes réactions quant aux contenus relatifs à l’histoire, qu’ils soient eux-mêmes mis en ligne ou non. Je veux parler de livres, de blogposts, de podcasts, de films, de séries télévisées, de jeux-vidéos et j’en passe.

Sur mon temps libre, je prends également plaisir à remplir des filactères humoristiques sur des images qui n’ont rien demandé. En anglais, on parlera de “medieval memes”.

En tant que romancier débutant, j’estime que l’histoire est un puits sans fond d’inspiration. Combien d’histoires n’y a-t-il pas à miner dans les vieilles chroniques !

Mes époques historiques préférées sont toujours des périodes de chaos social et d’anarchie institutionnelle : la Seconde Guerre punique, la très mal dénommée Guerre de Cent Ans, l’âge d’or de la piraterie dans les Caraïbes et la conquête de l’Ouest. Je pourrais mourir heureux si je remplissais mes romans de légionnaires, de chevaliers, de pirates et de cow-boys.

Si vous êtes en recherche d’inspiration pour votre prochain roman ou si vous aimez tout simplement lire des curiosités historiques, alors ce blog vous est dédié. Et puisque je suis également en passe de devenir professeur d’histoire, vous pourrez trouver des informations ou du matériel intéressant pour enseigner l’histoire à des adolescents.

Ce blog est écrit en deux langues : en français (ma langue maternelle) et en anglais. Vous ne trouverez pas souvent le même blogpost dans les deux langues, dans la mesure où je choisis ma langue d’écriture en fonction d’un public cible. Toutefois, quelques blogposts sont écrits dans les deux langues. De même, si vous trouvez quoique ce soit d’intéressant en anglais mais pas en français, n’hésitez pas à en demander une traduction dans les commentaires.

Enfin, par facilité et pour complaire au géant Google et aux autres moteurs de recherche, les tags de mes blogposts sont exclusivement en anglais.

Joan of Arc’s Charisma

People took Joan of Arc seriously because they believed in magic and miracles. She was only human though, but that’s what makes her story even more fascinating.

John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury (1387-1453)

John Talbot was a relentless captain. So relentless in fact that he would find reasons to fight even in times of peace. Once, he came back to England for a few years and he started a judicial quarrel that almost led to an open conflict. The Duke of Bedford was wise enough to summon him in France, on the frontline, where he brought havoc to his enemies. Talbot was very gifted in starting and managing feuds.

Edward of Woodstock, the Black Prince (1330-1376)

The Black Prince achieved great military deeds and dazzled many people with his lavish court in southern France–he was prince of Aquitaine. At age 16 he “won his spurs” leading the English vanguard at the Battle of Crécy (1346). Ten years later he vanquished the French at Poitiers and even managed to capture their king, John the Good! He would still insure a great military victory at Najera (1367) against a Franco-Trastamaran coalition. The man was a military prodigy.

The Scout Rush Build Order: Interview with La Hire about Age of Empires 2

I found myself faced with my childhood hero, Étienne de Vignolles, also known as La Hire. I knew him because he stars in Age of Empires 2—the video game—next to Joan of Arc for the Battle of Patay. I couldn’t believe my luck. I told him how much I admired him. He asked me how I knew him. I told him about Age of Empires 2. He was confused at first but I think he got it somehow. I took my chance and asked him a few question.

Medieval Meme #6

‘Domina’ belonged to the words that were shortened and gave ‘domna’ (a word already used by native Latin speakers in the 1st century AD). It would later turn into ‘doña’ in Spanish or ‘dame’ in French.

Your Survival Guide To Medieval Siege Warfare

I’m your average medieval citizen. My city is under siege, they’re starving us out over months but we’re fine for now. What is my daily life like? Is my coin still worth something? Do people trade or is the guard distributing rations? Do we still have fun to pass the time?