Illuminated Manuscript. Gaston Fébus. Livre de la chasse. Wild Boar. Medieval Hunting.

Luring (and Laming) Wild Boars

Medieval Meme
Medieval Meme – Work in Progress

The Great Skill of Laming a Wild Boar!

The Overall Concept

Exquisite Tips and Tricks

Finding the enemy
MbL’s Tutorial about Laming Wild Boars
Bringing a Boar Home
The Viper VS MbL. The Viper Brings Back a Boar from the Other Side of the Map
Block-pathing the Enemy Villager
Laming the Lamer!
Gating the Pig
The Viper VS Daut in a Team Nomad Game. A Pig Heist!

How Were Wild Boars ACTUALLY Hunted?

The Medieval Knowledge of the Beast

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